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  • Road Signs, traphic signs & property signs

    Road signs, street signs and private property signs such as no trespassing signs and construction signs are required to enforce the bylaws on roads and private properties and warn about dangerous conditions that may arise. We are professional in sign installation. We use standard format and symbols with thicker material to meet regulations. Aluminum signs are made with reflective and regular background colors and shapes.

    Ontario Regulatory Signs for sale

    Regulatory road signs

    Regulatory road Signs refer to messages that give clear instructions of what is allowed and what is not allowed to happen in a particular environment. You can find these road signs for sale in Signarama Dixie. They differ from other types of signs because they are meant to be placed in a spot and stay there for a longer time. It's for those situations in which a restriction, warning or any message needs to be visible for everyone for a long period of time. 

    Warning Signs for sale

    Warning traffic signs

    Warning traffic Signs are amazing aluminum signs that are useful for construction, renovation and altogether tough work where you need to properly notify about a potential hazard to the people around you.

    Temporary Signs manufactured for sale

    Temporary sign

    Temporary Signs are a type of Outdoor Sign that is meant to give a warning message but for a very brief duration, it can be a couple of days or weeks, sometimes even as quick as a couple of hours. These Signs are usually used as construction signs. The vibrant orange that these signs use makes them easy to recognize everywhere, and they ensure that people will notice them properly.

    custom vehicle exit sign
    customer parking only sign
    private property sign for sale
    customer parking sign for sale
    no dogs allowed sign for sale
    no stopping anytime sign for sale
    no trespassing sign for sale

    Aluminum Private Property signs for private and public properties

    Pravite property signs help you enforce regulations in your property and minimize the risk of theft and vandalism. We produce any color, size and shape that you may need upon a requirement. All of our signs are made with highest grade with various gauges such as .060”Aluminum or 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel, which are strong and resistant materials that make your signs sturdy and durable in any condition, particularly against harsh windy conditions that could bend inferior quality and thicknesses. Aluminum signs brings the advantage that it is rust free so you can use them in outdoors worry free.

    Installation and maintenance

    Signarama Dixie produces all types and thicknesses of aluminum signs as business directional signs and also with 3 types of common road signs: Regulatory Signs, Temporary Signs and Warning signs. We use various methods of sign installation depending on ground conditions and clients’ requirements.

    Aluminum signs are normally installed on galvanized U-channel posts, aluminum posts, pressure treated wooden posts, asphalt and concrete and we as Signarama Dixie are able to offer high standard sign installation with full customer satisfaction. We also get city permits if required.

    What are road/traffic/property signs?+
    Traffic/Road signs are required to enforce the bylaws on roads and private/public properties, and warn about dangerous conditions which may arise.
    What are traffic and property signs used for?+
    Traffic Signs help to enforce regulations on your property and minimize the risk of theft and vandalism.
    How are property signs installed?+
    Property signs (aluminum) are normally installed on galvanized U-channel posts, aluminum posts or pressure treated wooden posts. They may be placed into the lawn or on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Signarama Dixie is able to offer high standard installation with full customer satisfaction. We obtain city permits if required.