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  • Channel letter Signs

    Channel letters is a great way to spread your storefront signs. Your business name or logo can be made in 3D. And they can illuminated at night. Signarama Dixie channel letter signs can be sized and spaced properly in shape of the custom signs such as business logo, storefront signs and any letters or numbers. A properly designed and fabricated channel letter add to the images of companies’ storefront, and it is an effective way to advertise business branding and highly impress the possible clients. We can succor you to achieve the results you desire.


    Backlit channel letter signs made by signarama dixie illuminated storefront Large LED letters outside storfront sign

    Why Channel Letters?

    Channel letters are one of the most well received forms of lettering for outdoor and indoor sign showcase. They are broadly attractive three dimensional, individually created and cut forms and letters that are the modern form of branding. channel letter signs widely win the potential customers of company brands by visual context. Noticeable during the day, luminescent at night, the internally shining letters render great profoundness and fidelity to your company's sign.

    commercial led sign by signarama dixie

    custom channel letter signs

    Signarama Dixie, as a reputable sign company, is making and effort to deliver our best custom made signs. We are available to create custom signs for specific projects with:

  • Any Desired Design
  • Any Color
  • Any Shape (Business Logo)
  • Any Size
  • LED Signs:

    Channel letters can be made in myriad types such as open-face, internally lit, reverse lit, reverse pan, back lit, halo lit and front/back lit, etc. In some instances, some people refer to Channel letters as LED letters.

    facelit and backlit letters


    This type of Channel letters is constructed from aluminum and the lighting is directed to the back. The light of Backlit sign letter floods the wall that the letter is mounted to and creates a negative space at night.


    Reverse lit channel letter signs are mounted away from the wall, causing the light to form a halo effect behind the sign.

    Face and Back (Halo)-lit letters

    These letters combine the same features of a face and back-lit letter.

    What are channel letter signs? +
    Channel letters are three dimensional custom-made of metal cans with plastic face letters which can be lit or non-lit.
    Where are channel letter signs used? +
    Channel letters are normally uses for outdoor and indoor uses. They are installed as exterior signage as storefront signs, outside malls, skylines, and commercial buildings. These signs are also used as interior signs inside malls, and as lobby signs.
    What type of material is used to fabricate channel letter sign? +
    Channel letter sign consists of four major components: return, face, back and lighting elements. Aluminum strips are used for return (can), aluminum sheets as backing. The face is usually made of acrylic, and they are lit by LED lighting.
    What are the most common types of channel letter signs? +
  • Standard front lit channel letter signs
  • Reverse channel letter signs
  • Front-lit/face-lit channel letter signs
  • Halo-lit/back-lit channel letter signs
  • Open face channel letter signs with exposed LED lights working as neon lights
  • Non-lit channel letter signs
  • What's the price of channel letters? +
    Price depends on the design and material used. Please contact us to get a free quote!

    CHANNEL LETTERS Image Gallery

    We are Proffessionals

    Signarama Dixie, with over 20 years of experience in fabricating and producing channel letter signs and outdoor lighted signs, are specialized in manufacturing and installing a wide range of custom channel letters and LED signs in high standards with full customer satisfaction. We, as a reputable sign company, are making effort to deliver our best custom made signs.