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  • Custom Banners & Posters

    Banner Signs and Posters are perfect marketing methods for all sizes of businesses. Advertise virtually anywhere with a large format printed vinyl banner from Signarama Dixie. Banners have to be readable and visible from distances. We are with you from Banner design to production and installation in our in house sign shop based in Mississauga.

    Got a Tradeshow or special event coming up? Indoor and Outdoor Banners, Posters and Signs are perfect ways for all occasions from sale promotion signs and storefront signage to birthday banners and wedding backdrops. Our Banner stands are durable and lightweight, the great portable advertising solution.

    Custom Vinyl Banners

    Get your brand noticed with durable Vinyl Banner Signs. Signarama banners are available in printed segments up to 96" wide. Custom vinyl banners are the most common banners for indoor or outdoor events. Vinyl is very durable and can withstand prolonged use in outdoor conditions. These banners come with reinforced grommets for hanging on the walls or from the ceilings.


    Vinyl banner custom indoor banner advertising banner large viny print banner

    Vinyl banners are inexpensive and cost-effective. Air cannot pass through the vinyl sheets, therefore, they can behave like a sail in high winds. Your custom vinyl banner made by Signarama Dixie will be securely installed.


    Mesh Banners and Perforated Banners


    mesh Banner

    Mesh banner is a kind of vinyl banner with perforated materials that let the wind to pass. That is why perforated mesh banners are perfect for strong wind conditions. One of the biggest issues with vinyl banners is wind. When large vinyl banners catch wind they act as sails and can be dangerous. If you are considering a large-format outdoor banner, perforated mesh banners are the answer. They contain thousands of little holes to allow air to pass through.

    Advertise virtually outdoor with perforated mesh banners and flags from Signarama Dixie.


    Retractable Banners / Pull-Up Banners

    Retractable Banner

    The retractable banners are one-sided, elegant and classy. Our retractable banner stands come in four sizes of 24"x80", 33"x80", 36"x80", and 48" x 80. The retractable banners automatically retract into the case via a coil spring. The banners make with high quality layered materials that are very durable, which means you can use your banner stands repeatedly without it getting torn edges.

    Hanging Banners

    hanging banner

    Hanging banners are available in virtually any size and printed in full color. These banners are popular at tradeshows, outdoor events, shopping malls, museums, and many other events with large audiences.

    Choose from either fabric banner, vinyl banner, or mesh banner. Hanging banners are an excellent way to reach large events.

    Fabric Banners

    Fabric Banners

    Fabric banners are lightweight, waterproof and versatile. They are used indoors and outdoors. They often use in tradeshows, stadiums and public events.

    Pop-Up Banners

    Pop-up banners also are known as Pop-up stands or Pop-up Displays are used in events and crowded areas to grab attention. Pop-up banners are installed and packed easily.

    Double sided Banners

    Double-sided or two-sided banners are displayed on both sides. The most premium banner materials that we use primarily for double-sided banners have smooth surfaces on both sides and are layered which make them extra durable.

    Large format Banners

    Catch your clients' attention with a large format banner made by Signarama Dixie. We can make big banners, really big. With our 96" wide printer, we can join your banner together in 8-foot segments. No size is too large! Announce your products/services on a large scale.

    Projecting Banners

    Projecting banners are durable vinyl banners that are supported by two metal poles. They can be attached to buildings in dense urban areas where sign space is very limited. The projecting banner is popular with downtown Toronto business owners because it allows pedestrians on the sidewalk to easily see their sign rather than just targeting the vehicles on the road.

    What are banners used for? +
    Banners are used to grab attentions. They use in public events, stadiums, tradeshows, business events, outdoor festivals and etc.
    What is the advantage of using perforated mesh banners?+
    Mesh banner is a kind of vinyl banner with perforated materials that let wind to pass. That is why perforated mesh banners are perfect for strong wind conditions. One of the biggest issues with vinyl banners is wind. When large vinyl banners catch wind they act as sails and can be dangerous.
    What are the most common types of Banners?+
    • Vinyl Banners
    • Pop-up Banners
    • Double-sided Banners
    • Large Format banners
    • Retractable Banners/ Popup banners
    • X-Frame Banners
    • Fabric Banners
    • Perforated Banners
    • Mesh Banners
    • Hanging Banners
    What's the price of Banner? +
    Price depends on the design and material used. Please contact us to get a free quote!

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