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  • light box signs

    Light box sign is one of the best visual display solutions for trade shows, storefront signage, billboards and all other spaces where presentation advertisement corporate branding is desired.

    Light box sign police light box illuminated storefront light box custom light box sign

    Why Light Box Sign?

    Operating lights on storefront signs attract potential customers to the business fast, and it is a popular signboard among most successful businesses. One of the most important advantages of using lightbox signs is that it is bright at night. during closing times, your business is advertised by your lightbox sign. Signarama Dixie offers different types of lightboxes considering custom design, size, material, and budget. Lightbox signs are normally backlit with the utilization of LED lighting to the sign industries. Edge-lit signs have become attractive displays in the retail sector.

    Light Box Sign is one of the Best Visual Display Solutions for:

    • Trade Shows
    • Storefront Sign
    • Mall Entrance Signage
    • Commercial Building Sign

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    What is light box sign? +
    A light box sign is an aluminum framed box with acrylic face which has lighting source inside.
    What type of material is used to fabricate light box signs? +
    Light box sign consists of two major components: light box and printed illustration. Light box is framed in aluminum, and mostly LED backlit.
    What are the most common types of light box signs?+
    • Back lit light box signs
    • Edge lit light box signs
    • Non lit light box signs
    What's the price of light box Signs? +
    Price depends on the design and material used. Please contact us to get a free quote!

    Light Box Sign Image Gallery

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