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  • covid-19 products

    To prepare your workplace for reopening, check out our COVID-19 related signage products.

    covid 19 signage

    Sneeze Guards/Shields:

    sneeze guard shield

    Protect your front-line staff with plexiglass shields/barriers due to covid-19 pandemic. Sneeze guards are necessary for safety, health and cover both employees & customers.

    Signarama Dixie offers custom acrylic sneeze shields with different thickness sizes clear plexiglass, which can be installed/hanged or self-standing & portable. We customize protective sneeze guards for counter shields, cashier/reception desk, grocery stores, healthcare centers and all essential businesses.

    Social Distancing Floor Decals:

    physical distancing floor decal

    Customize your social/physical distancing signs with floor safety graphics decals/stickers in any size & colors.

    Signarama Dixie creates & installs indoor and outdoor floor stickers suits all businesses. Our floor Decals are water and slip-resistant. Floor stickers apply easily on any surfaces and remove neat if necessary.

    Plexiglas Office Desk Divider:

    plexiglass desk divider

    Prepare your office/workplace for the reopening.

    We offer custom size office partitions & desk dividers to increase personnel protection. Our plexiglas dividers/partiotions come in clear or frosted. If you want privacy desk panel, also there are variety of colors for acrylic office dividers or workstation screens.

    COVID-19 Safety Notice Posters/Banners/Coroplast:

    covid 19 coroplast

    Help to prevent the spread of coronavirus by bringing awareness to your workplace with COVID notice posters/banners mounted on office wall. Such as hand hygiene signs, COVID-19 self protection notice, WHO coronavirus awareness and etc.

    COVID-19 Notice Window Clings/Graphics/Decals:

    window decal

    Window decals/graphics are customized to provide attention to your business. These easy to apply vinyl decals/stickers are installed indoor or outdoor.

    COVID-19 Related Lawn Signs/ A-Frame Sidewalk Signage

    window decal

    A-frame sign also known as sandwich board sign or sidewalk sign is a one or double sided frame commonly stand on the side-walks. Lawn signs are another way to get attention of passersby.

    COVID-19 Products Image Gallery

    no shake hands sign
    how to wash hands poster
    sneeze guard
    coroplast sign
    social distancing sticker
    social distancing decal
    safety signs collection
    safety signs waterproof
    thank you for social distancing sign
    practic social distancing sticker
    safety signs waterproof
    safety signs waterproof
    sneeze shield
    floor decal 1
    keep a safe distance decal
    arrow sign
    lawn sign
    lawn sign
    plexiglas 1
    arrow sign 1
    arrow sign 2
    arrow sign 3
    arrow sign 4
    decal sign 3