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Banners and Flags

Signarama Dixie provides banners and flags throughout Toronto, Mississauga and North York


Durable Vinyl Banner

Our standard banner material. This material is very durable and can withstand prolonged use in outdoor environments. Available in printed segments up to 96" wide. These banners come with reinforced grommets for hanging the banner.


Perforated Mesh Banner

This is a premium banner material which is best suited to very large outdoor banners. The material contains tiny holes which allows air and light to pass though while still displaying a clear printed image. Available in printed segments up to 96" wide. This material is very light which makes it easy to transport and store.


High Resolution Double-Sided Banner

Our most premium banner material. We use this material primarily for banner stands. It has a smooth surface on both sides and is layered which makes it extra durable. This material is only available is smaller rolls so it's not suitable for large banners.




Banner and Flag Image Gallery

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