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To our valued Customers,

Signarama Dixie would like to announce that we have a new CNC router for creating unique 3D signs out of a wide range of sign building materials. This new piece of equipment allows us to create much more customized signs than we previously could. Our machine was custom built for our purposes and is capable of creating virtually any kind of sign.


Name Plates & Door Signs


We can engrave high quality name plates using a variety of materials including wood, foam, brushed aluminum, coloured plastic, and coloured/clear plexi.


Plexi Name Plate with Matte Black Finish,

Brushed Aluminum Lettering and Braille


Are you planning to update your business signage to conform to standards set by the Association for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)? With our new machinery, we can make custom braille signs with high contrast tactile graphics that meet AODA standards. Visit our website to learn more.


Lobby Signs


An attractive lobby sign is the hallmark of a successful business. It tells customers that you take pride in your company. At Signarama, our lobby signs are the ultimate expression of creativity. We can construct signs using a wide variety of materials and create dazzling effects using creative, state of the art signmaking techniques.


Coloured PVC Letters

with a Brushed Aluminum Outline


Our designers will work with you to design the best lobby sign possible. Our machining tools are capable of engraving, beveling and cutting with absolute precision. Visit our lobby sign page to learn more.


Tradeshow Signs


Do you have a tradeshow coming up? Signarama has a variety of cost effective, high quality sign solutions specifically for short term use. Create attractive looking signage using low cost materials such as foam and aluminum


Brushed Aluminum Letters

Mounted to 1 Inch Foam


These signs are just a sample of what we can do at our Mississauga production facility. For more information about our company, or to see samples of our work, please visit our website at


Our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with a free quote. We are a sign company that understands the value of quality advertising and exceptional customer service.

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